[update]ZTE X9180 H115 Dolby sound

[The main updates]
  • nubia ui upgrade to V2.5 V5 customized version, the system is more stable;
  • NeoVision camera upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0, the new camera features: rapid capture function, depth of field prediction function, polarizing filters, manual focus, Xinggui mode, light painting patterns, crystal mode;
  • Customer name changed to ZTE;
  • Optimization gsm connection rate;
  • Shake the phone is turned on when optimizing user experience;
  • Optimized ringtones experience;
  • After the repair status bar text reading tips still not reading problems;

  • Brush before, make sure the phone brush into Chinese rec, this rom comes with root and re manager, after the brush into the need to re-acquire root privileges;   
  • Brush steps: Copy the sd card or the built-in card, enter the recovery screen, clear data, clear cache (double clear very important) to select the brush into the first turn slowly (1-2 minutes), wait;

[Rom description:]
  • rom size 407.6M;
  • ZTE based Red Bull V5 Dual SIM official version H115 production, edition U9180.N9180.V9180 three through the brush;
  • Add Dolby sound;
  • Two cards online, free to switch (Settings - Dual SIM Settings - Internet settings - Select cards, thank ZJL, thanks fishing t, thanks dgtl);
  • Top right corner of the status bar lock screen, click the upper right corner of the status bar that locks the screen, long press the eject shutdown restart option;
  • Streamline delete some apk infrequently used, the kernel open init.d support;
  • Super authorization management, while updating to the latest version, perfect ROOT, more stable,
  • Re3.18 integrated version management, operating more convenient, to facilitate their own diy;
  • Rearrange after streamline a lot of desktop applications, is no longer fragmented arrangement;
  • Off by default GPS, automatic rotation off by default, default on unknown sources, USB debugging is enabled by default;
  • Several integrated utility software, networking support, please run a few minutes; follow-up is not required, use the re Manager can be deleted;
  • Please note there is a problem under the original feedback, or Twitter (Ann Xiao main) feedback;



Part Screenshot:

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